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Bolt Tensioning Hose
TEMA Couplings were acquired by Parker Hannifin Corporation in 2007. Tema is a European brand that has typically specialised in High Pressure. Now part of the Parker QRC range, these High Pressure couplings are still manufactured in Europe.

The High Pressure Series of Bolt tensioning couplings are designed to interchange with competitor offerings. These QRCs can be used in all applications where bolting products are used. Whether that be onshore, offshore or even subsea. The couplings are designed to be dry break, to minimise hydraulic fluid contamination. Dust caps are standard to help prolong the life of the fittings. For added safety a locking collar version can also be supplied. The couplings were specially developed for use in industrial machinery, test equipment, rescue equipment, bolt tensioning, torque wrenches etc.

Hose type 2440D is manufactured by Parker Polyflex division in Germany. This type of hose is the industry standard for bolting applications. The smooth bore and spiralised wire reinforcement helps minimise pressure drop and reduce response times. The hose is very flexible making for easier installations with proven product life. Matched BSP ends are also standard. The 120 degree external BSP cone makes for easy connection to couplings without the need for thread tape or Loctite. Hose assemblies can only be assembled by certified Polyflex companies like Abdex. All hose assemblies are supplied tested, with certification available as standard.

Combined with Parker Polyflex 2440D series hose, this gives an all Parker Hose and Coupling system for quality and peace of mind.

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Bolt Tensioning Hose

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