Thermal Sleeve

Fibreglass Thermal Sleeve - Industrial Hoses

Thermal Sleeve
Heavy wall braided fibreglass thermal sleeve: economical hose and cable protection where exposure to molten splash, oils or moisture is not a factor.

• Cost-effective high temperature performance - heavy wall braided glass fibre sleeve capable of operating at a continuous temperature of 1000˚F (538˚C).
• High bulk fibre construction gives excellent insulation properties, and the textured, untreated construction allows Thermal Sleeve to exhibit excellent dielectric strength and resistance to thermal conductivity.
• Use alone or in combination with other sleeve products.
• Choice of grades - available in 2 grades: 1/8 inch (3.2mm) wall thickness 1/16 inch (1.6mm) wall thickness.
• Available in a range of sizes 6mm to 125mm inside diameter.
• Protection against molten metal splash.
• Heat protection for hoses and cables.
• Thermal insulation for hoses and piping.
• Thermal protection against burns for employees.
• Abrasive protection for hoses and cables.
• Chemically resistance.
• Flame resistance for a period of time.
• Bundling of hoses, wires and cables.

Our literature is available for PDF download:
Thermal Sleeve

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