HCR Hose

HCR – High Collapse Resistant Hose - Specialist Oil and Gas Hoses

HCR Hose
Parker Parflex HCR hose is specifically designed to serve the oil and gas market in subsea hydraulics. Its state of the art construction provides a minimum crush resistance of 6,600 psi external pressure. The 316L stainless inner carcass provides industry leading collapse strength needed in deep water applications. The seamless, extruded Polyamide core tube has a wide range of media compatibility.

High tensile aramid reinforcement provides a full 5000 psi working pressure at 4:1 design factor. The seawater resistant flexible Polyurethane cover provides durable protection in demanding environments. The industry leading bend radius allows for tight routing. These features combine to offer a solution to withstand the rigors of the oil and gas industry.

• Collapse resistant to 10,000 ft seawater at 1.5 design factor per API 17E
• Flexible 316L stainless steel interlocking carcass
• Available in long continuous lengths
• Seamless polyamide 11 core tube
• Abrasion and seawater resistant polyurethane cover
• Compact bend radius

Our literature is available for PDF download:
HCR Hose

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