Power Packs

Hydrotest and Bolt Tensioner Power Packs

Power Packs
Abdex air driven hydraulic pump units are designed and engineered for easy maintenance. All with stainless steel frames the standard range covers pressures from 3400 to 45,900psi with a 100psi air drive. Single and double acting for increased volume displacement. Units are compact and lightweight for easy transportation.

Compatible with all hydraulic fluids and most liquefied gases (Gas booster units are also available). Other pressures and model types are available up to 80,000psi on request.

Abdex bolt tensioner power packs are supplied complete with a 116 quick male connection. Different frames and customer branding are also available. Various options and accessories can also be supplied.

We can supply Alternative pump manufacturers and designs, according to customer specification.

Our literature is available for PDF download:
Hydrotest and Bolt Tensioner Power Packs

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