1″ Gates BOP Hose | 5000 Megashield | WP 345 Bar |

1″ Gates BOP Hose | 5000 Megashield | WP 345 Bar |

BOP Hose | 5000 Megashield |


Blow-out preventer (BOP) systems requiring high pressure, high temperature and flame resistant control lines certified to API 16D and Lloyds 1000 / 499 fire test for five minutes at 1300 ̊F (704 ̊C).


• Various end configurations available: NPT, JIC, BSPT and BOP Couplers. API (American Petroleum Institute) 16D and Lloyds 1000/499 fire test. Hydrostatic pressure tests per EUB (Alberta Energy and Utilities Board).
• Megashield™ 5000 BOP hose is rated for 5,000 psi (350 Bar) constant working pressure in all sizes.
• Meets API 16D and Lloyd’s Fire Test 1000/499. Megashield 5000 BOP hoses have been designed, built, and tested to meet API 16D specifications and Lloyd’s 1000/499 fire test – 5 minutes at 1300 ̊F (700 ̊C). Megashield fire resistant BOP assemblies have been certified by Lloyd’s Registry.
• Alternative to stainless steel armoured hose. Megashield BOP hose is lighter, more flexible, and less costly than stainless steel armoured hose, yet offers equal fire resistance. More flexibility makes hoses easier to route and inspect.


Abdex BOP Hose 5000 Megashield – Hose applications
DN | inchmmbar | psimmlbs/per ftLength
3670-076425 | 142 | 1.67345 | 5,0003051.77200

Core tube: Type C (Nitrile). Black.
Pressure reinforcement: Multiple layers of high tensile steel wire.
Outer cover: Type A3 (Modified Chloroprene). Red with black stripe.
Design Factor: 4:1

Temperature Range

-40 ̊F to +212 ̊F (-40 ̊C to +100 ̊C) continuous service.

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BOP 5000 Megashield

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