3″ Abdex Slim Hole Rotary Drilling Hose | Black Gold | WP 138 Bar |

3″ Abdex Slim Hole Rotary Drilling Hose | Black Gold | WP 138 Bar |

Slim Hole Rotary Hose 


Rotary applications on work over rigs and slim hole or seismograph rigs designed to operate at a maximum of 1,500 to 5,000 psi rated working pressure depending on size. Applications on small or medium-size drilling rigs used for water well operations, water well core drill, blast or shot hole operations. For normal mud applications on small to medium-sized rigs where flexible connections are needed for pressure lines conveying mud.


Abdex Slim Hole Rotary Drilling Hose – Hose applications
mm | inchmm | inchbar | psimmkg | lbsLength
3670-065776.2 | 399.1 | 3.90138 | 2,000914 | 362.2 | 4.7450

• Available in various pressure ranges.
• Perforated cover for Air / Gas applications.
• Increased abrasion resistant inner tube.
• Various end configurations available.
• Integral Hammer Unions.
• Integral Matched FIG1502 Hammer Unions.
• NPTLP API Thread for use with threaded Hammer Unions, Hubs and Flanges.
• ARPM (Class A) High Oil Resistant Tube and MSHA 2G-IC-11C Flame Resistant Cover.


Core tube: Type C (Nitrile). Black.
Pressure reinforcement: High tensile steel wire.
Outer cover: Type A (Chloroprene). Black with yellow stripe. All sizes are perforated.
Design Factor: 2.5:1


Tube: ARPM (Class A) High oil-resistance.
Cover: Meets MSHA Flame-resistant

Temperature Range

-40 ̊F to +180 ̊F (-40 ̊C to +82 ̊C) continuous service.

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Black Gold

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