Uniflex Hose Test Bench | Modular Test Bench P 250

Uniflex Hose Test Bench | Modular Test Bench P 250

Test Bench

The P 250 test bench with Control C.2 IPC is a new modular test stand that can be adapted to your needs. It offers the possibility to use plug-o-, manual or hydraulic quick clamping systems. Inside the test stand, there is room for an entire Euro pallet.

The chamber also works with an endless extension if you want to test a hose for density along its entire length. About the Control C.2 IPC you can control all parameters for a fully automatic test with visualization of the print and other functions, but also create connections to your server or other networked devices.


P250 Modular Test Bench – Technical Data
Test pressure150 - 1500 bar
ControlC.2 IPC
Flow rate (effectively)7.5 l/min
Capacity7 bar, 100 Nl/min
Tank dimensions (mm)2194 x 890 x 470
Test bench dimensions (mm)2700 x 1450 x 1550
Reservoir capacity120L
Loading (kg)250
Weight (kg)570
Noise level75 dBA
Electrical connection3 VAC
Features and Benefits

• Fully enclosed test chamber.
• Suitable for static pressure testing of various hydraulic components such as valves, hydraulic cylinders, housings, quick-release couplings, etc.
• Safety switch – when the hood is opened, all pressure is automatically released within 1/10 second.
• Environmentally friendly test medium (water-oil emulsion).
• Easy and safe to operate.
• Quick changeover between automated and manual setup mode.
• Test bench can be retrofitted with extension element.
• Up to 120 tests per hour for a max. length of 2 500 mm (DN 12-800 mm).

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