Abdex Industries achieves API Q1 & 7K certification for oil & gas industry in Australia

Abdex Industries achieves API Q1 & 7K certification for oil & gas industry in Australia

Abdex Industries Pty Ltd a global leading manufacturer of specialist hose assemblies today announced it has attained American Petroleum Institute (API) certification for Q1 & 7K standards. New API logo.jpgAbdex Industries can now proudly display the API monogram as a recognised manufacturer that demonstrates the capability to manufacture products that conform to applicable API standards and specifications, driving safety and sustainability across the natural gas and oil industry.

Abdex Industries’ certification in these standards is significant for the Australian oil and gas industry as purchasing hose assemblies made in ‘accordance’ with API standards is not the same as buying a product certified by API. There has been confusion in the marketplace but put simply not only must your product be API approved, but the company making it must be approved also. Only then do you have a certified or monogrammed API 7K hose.

In the past, it was possible to assemble products under a ‘banner agreement’. This is now no longer allowed and Black-Gold-WEB-600x214px.jpgthus why Abdex Industries has invested in becoming approved in their own right. Rather than having to source API-approved hydraulic assemblies from overseas, Abdex Industries can now manufacture them in Australia from their Brisbane facility.

Abdex Industries uses oil and gas-specific Gates® Black Gold hoses to create API-certified assemblies that are designed to resist severe temperatures, pressure, and corrosion to help keep drilling operations running efficiently and safely.


Abdex Industries can create API-certified hose assemblies for your Oil & Gas application. Including a Q1 & API 7K Certification.

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