Industrial Hoses


Our range of hoses specifically for your industries

Chemical Hoses

For the transfer of a variety of current industrial chemicals used today. (Refer to chemical resistance guide for compatibility).

Air & Multipurpose

Air & multipurpose industrial hose with a wide range of applications in factories, construction, agriculture, quarries, mines, railroads, the oil and gas industry, and ship building.

Petroleum Transfer

General purpose hoses used to transfer gasoline, oil and other petroleum based products. Hoses are specifically designed for pressure, gravity flow or suction service.


The inner hose core is manufactured from PTFE. No pigments or additives are incorporated thus giving the hose liner a translucent appearance from for contamination.

Suction & Discharge

General purpose suction and delivery hose for use in medium to heavy duty operations. Made with a strong focus on flexibility and force to bend properties.


Abrasion resistant suction hoses for vacuum trucks or handling abrasives, such as crushed rock, sand, pea gravel, cement powder, dry fertiliser, iron ore and grains.

Water Jetting / Blasting

Medium to high pressure jetting and blasting applications including drain, sewer and stack pipe cleaning / unblocking

Food & Beverage / Gas Transfer

Our hoses for food, beverage and gas transfer are subject to stringent hygiene regulations and numerous standards.

Camlock Fittings

Our camlock fittings range from 1/2" to 6" in sizing across the different camlock types.