Custom Control Panels

Custom Control Panels

Control Panels

In 2016 Abdex was commissioned to build, test and commission a Control and Monitoring Panel for a leading Australian University.

The system was designed to provide isolation, feed flow control, status read out, monitoring and general control of the processes involving the high pressure testing of samples in the test cell chamber of their Tri-axial Reactor unit.



Function of Test / Tri-axial Reactors

The test cells are for saturation of rock samples (with super critical water, CO2 and other media) inside the high pressure / temperature reactor for duration of 24-48 days. Maximum pressure inside the reactor will be 85MPa and temperature 800oF. Not all of the equipment will be subject to these conditions but due to the long operation duration a considerable safety factor was required. Higher temperatures would de-rate pressure capability of the equipment and tubing so design needed to be suitable for a maximum pressure and temperature rating (60,000psi / 4000bar).

Also as the Pressure and Temperature indicators and transducers are located in close proximity to the reactor it was important to retrieve accurate data while ensuring safe performance of the equipment.


To study and measure the effects of various media at high pressure and temperature on rock formations and the impacts relating to geological activity and deep hole intervention. Using known techniques to give a determination of probable reactions to these involvements and to allow presentation of various papers that can be beneficial to the scientific community and to identify potential commercial applications.