30N Series

30N Series

30N Series – Technical Data



• Non-rotating stem and bar stock body design
• Metal to metal seating achieves ideal shut-off, longer stem/seat service lifetime for abrasive flow
• Excellent corrosion resistance and greater durability for repeated on/off cycles
• PTFE is the standard packing material (not contain 60N Series Needle Valves), RPTFE glass is also available
• Packing gland and upper stem material have been selected to optimize thread cycle life
• Five flow patterns are available


Technical Data
Type O.D.
in. (mm)
CvPressure at Room Temperature
psig (bar)
Operating Temperature
1/46FH40.094 (2.39)0.1220,000 (1379)-325 ̊F ~ 600 ̊F (-198 ̊C ~ 316 ̊C)
3/86FH60.125 (3.18)0.2320,000 (1379)-325 ̊F ~ 600 ̊F (-198 ̊C ~ 316 ̊C)
9/166FH90.125 (3.18)0.3320,000 (1379)-325 ̊F ~ 600 ̊F (-198 ̊C ~ 316 ̊C)
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