Umbilical Hose & Jumpers Hose Assemblies

Umbilical Hose & Jumpers Hose Assemblies

Umbilicals & Jumpers Hose Assemblies

Abdex umbilicals are designed for use in the offshore industry to offer a combination of long service life, chemical resistance, flexibility, and lightweight construction. As Abdex is an independent supplier we can use products to suit specific customer requirements.Customers can customise products with high resistant core tube materials capable to withstand aggressive fluids and gases often encountered in offshore applications.The hose umbilicals can be supplied with different materials according to requirements of working pressure and weight. This is achieved by combining multiple layers of reinforcement material which can include aramid fibre or steel wire.Abdex can design, manufacture, and test a large range of bespoke umbilical and jumper hoses specifically made to customer requirements. Umbilical re-termination and re-testing can also be offered.


Check out our hoses under aramid reinforced & wire reinforced for hoses that make up umbilicals



Aramid fibre reinforced hose is extremely light and flexible with pressure capabilities up to 10,000 psi.Wire reinforced hose can be made in very long lengths, has low volumetric expansion and excellent tensile strength. In some cases they can be deployed unsupported.

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