Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose



Product Features

• Wide range of hose types available from 1,000 up to 3,200 bar working pressure
• Hose sizes available from DN 5 up to DN 12
• Certified according to DIN EN 1829-2
• Easy, fast, comfortable and safe system
• Only 2 working parts needed
• Integrated safety system
• No spanners required
• Incorrect assembly and use impossible
• Safety factor 2.5 times (burst pressure)
• Mechanical safety factor 4 times (hose connection breaking load)
• Same parts can be used to connect different hose series (e.g. DN 3 and DN 5)
• Swivel function when system is not under pressure (rotary joints)


Innovative Design

Polyflex Hose has been developed by Parker Polyflex to meet the requirements of today‘s water jetting applications. It uses the latest technology to provide a “state of the art“ hose safety system. The hose connector as well as the pump / gun connector are now equipped with an improved design, based on the reliable quality of the former generation of Polyflex-Lok. The Polyflex-Lok hose assemblies are now also available without protective cover, and hose types with an additional outer cover for extra abrasion resistance and security are also available.

What is it?

Efficient and hassle free assembly – Quick connect and release hose connection system which also provides hose burst protection, while ranging in size from DN 5 (3/16”) up to DN 12 (1/2”). One major benefit of the system is that it will only operate when full protection of the user is guaranteed. In addition, the Polyflex-Lok system is compliant with requirements determined in DIN EN 1829-2.

Major Benefits

• Operator protection guaranteed – priceless
• Hose twisting eliminated – longer hose life
• Faster assembly / disassembly of hoses – more valuable working time
• Less wear on components – fewer part replacements necessary
• Less operator fatigue due to easy handling and compact design – increases efficiency
• In one word: SAFETY!

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