Uniflex Clean Hose Cutter – UVC 50 FSD, UVC 100 FSD

Uniflex Clean Hose Cutter – UVC 50 FSD, UVC 100 FSD

Large Diameter Cutter

The new EMI 150 and EMI 200 industrial hose cutting machines from UNIFLEX are available for cutting of up to 6″ hoses (EMI 150)
and up to 8″ hoses (EMI 200). Their compact dimensions and robust design make these cutting machines well suited for small workshops
as well as bigger production areas. The machines have wheels, so they can easily be moved to the hose instead of carrying
heavy hoses around the workshop. Both devices are equipped with the specially coated TM C cutting blade, which substantially reduces
the force required and the wear during cutting.

Each machine comes with a 2-year warranty for the best return on investment.


UVC 50 FSD, UVC 100FSD – Technical Data
Max. volume flow700 m³/h1440 m³/h
Max. vacuum3,250 Pa4,600 Pa
Main--filter surface5 m²10 m²
Drive power3.0 kW3.0 kW
Intake voltage400 Multi voltage400 Multi voltage
Intake diameterØ80 mm*Ø100 - Ø160 mm (Ø160 mm recommended)**
Dust collection container width10 l12 l
Noise level69 dBA69 dBA
L x W x H (mm)1,180 x 730 x 820950 x 950 x 2,060
Weight215 kg500 kg

The UNIFLEX hose cutters make clean cuts – but the generation of dust, fumes and odors is inevitable. Therefore, UNIFLEX has
developed the UVC 100 suction and filter device for up to three hose cutting machines simultaneously and the UVC 50 for service
workshops. A balanced compromise between the volume flow and the negative pressure keeps the air clean during the cutting of
hydraulic hose assemblies and protects the operators from fine particles. The multi-step exhaust air purification runs with a spark
stop function, cyclone filter technology for the pre-separation of coarse particles, particle filter for dust, HEPA filter for fine particles
and carbon filter for odor neutralization – and all that with a 2-year UNIFLEX manufacturer’s warranty.

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