Hose Cleaning System

Hose Cleaning System

Hose & Tube Cleaner



JetCleaner Accessories

PLC controlled construction confirming that the projectile passed the hose or pipe. With automatic stop / go-approval for the next projectile. Handles projectiles between 4-65 mm. Works with 2000-SA, JC-2010-PCU and 2500 APC.


Made of white plastic. equipped with a 90 ĚŠ bend where you insert the output end. Built-in venting system for best performance. Holds 30 litres of used and dirty projectiles.

AB-CL-8050 (Bench stand)

Bench stand for Jetcleaner classic. Made of nickel-plated aluminium. screwed into the table at the workstation.

AB-MI-8040, AB-CL-8040, AB-CO-8040 (Guns and nozzles)

Carrying case for Jetcleaner Mini, classic and cobra.

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JetCleaner Accessories