Water Jetting & Blasting

The industrial water sector, in which our company specialises, plays a critical role in various industries by providing essential equipment and services. Specifically, our focus is on water jetting and blasting hoses, which find applications in a wide range of sectors, including construction, ship building, power generation, and general cleaning. 

Our product offerings consist of high pressure thermoplastic and rubber water jetting hose assemblies, which are designed to withstand working pressures ranging from 200 bar to 4000 bar. These assemblies are designed specifically to handle the rigorous demands of high pressure water jetting and blasting applications. 

One of the key aspects of our service is the complete retest and hose management service that we provide with this product range. This ensures that hoses maintain their integrity and safety over time, giving customers peace of mind in terms of quality and performance. 


Safety is paramount in the water solutions industry. Our hose assemblies must meet stringent safety standards such as AS/NZS 4233 class B standard *Class B is defined as water pumps above 5600 bar litres which equates to over 27 litres per minute at 3,000 psi


Pressure ranges from low pressure at 200 bar to ultra high pressure at 4,000 bar. These hose assemblies are designed specifically to withstand harsh conditions and exposure to chemical abrasion


Our thermoplastic hoses offer exceptional flexibility, allowing them to navigate intricate machinery and reach tight spots with ease, ensuring precise and effective water jetting and blasting.


Burst protection, anti whip technology options available and colour coded hoses to distinguish between high and low pressure lines.


Our range of hoses specifically for the oil and gas industry


Ultra High Pressure

Ultra high pressure service for the construction and ship building industries and for general industrial cleaning

Sewer Jetting

For hydrodynamic cleaning of sewers. Pressures ranging from 200-250bar.

Tough Jacket

Tough Jacket hose types are equipped with a robust, yet flexible, Polyurethane cover, that is even more abrasion resistant than the standard double outer cover hose types from Parker Polyflex

Tube Cleaning

Parker Polyflex has extended the existing product range for high temperature cleaning. By introducing high temperature hose types with Polyoxymethylene (POM) inner core.


Water Blast

Very high constant pressure hose for water and water emulsion scaling systems.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Medium to high pressure water jetting applications to include drain, sewer and stack pipe cleaning / unblocking


Our range of accessories specifically for water solutions

Polyflex LOK

What is it?

Efficient and hassle free assembly - Quick connect and release hose connection system which also provides hose burst protection, while ranging in sizes from DN 5 (3/16") up to DN (1/2"). One major benefit of the system is that it will only operate when full protection of the user is guaranteed. In addition, the Polyflex-Lok system is compliant with requirements determined in DIN EN 1829-2.

. • Operator protection guaranteed - priceless
. • Hose twisting eliminated - longer hose life
. • Faster assembly / disassembly of hoses - more valuable working time
. • Less wear on components - fewer part replacements necessary
. • Less operator fatigue due to easy handling and compact design
increases efficiency

Swivel Fittings


General industrial cleaning applications on construction sites and ship docks, in all UHP applications where rotation is beneficial. Easy installation after assembly. No clamping ring and clamping screw needed. Flexibility under pressure is given through buffering rotating swivel fitting.

Benefits Datasheet Download

. • Hose remains free of torsion during movements in the application.
. • Flexibility of the hose when set under pressure.
. • Less wear and tear on the assembly, longer lifetime.
. • Reduced operator fatigue.
. • Hose can be moved without twisting and kinking it.

Polyflex LOK


The shortest and most compact fitting series ever. Used for heat exchangers, pipe and tube interiors, furnaces and boilers.

  • Best routing flexibility in narrow and confined spaces (e.g. heat exchangers, small tubes and tight bends.
  • Improved corrosion resistance due to stainless steel ferrule.
  • Optimised nozzle mounting
  • Available up to 1,500 bar (21,750 psi) working pressure up to DN 8 (size -06)