Oil & Gas

Complete Hose & Accessory Solutions For The Oil & Gas Industry

With 50 years of industry expertise, Abdex excels in the specialised field of oil and gas. Our hose assemblies excel in extreme conditions, ensuring safety and high performance. With a strong focus on productivity, we help mitigate economic risks associated with machine failures or accidents in these sectors

High Performing Equipment For Oil and Gas Applications

The oil and gas sector stands apart due to its reliance on highly specialised equipment essential for sustaining operational excellence. These environments present formidable challenges, demanding that hoses and fittings exhibit exceptional durability and quality to optimise efficiency and ensure uninterrupted productivity. 

In this unforgiving realm of oil and as, hoses and fittings bear the brunt of the relentless stressors, including extreme temperature fluctuations, high pressure environments, and the handling of corrosive materials. Consequently, these crucial components must be engineered to withstand such harsh conditions and adapt seamlessly to the ever changing factors that prevail in the following applications. 

•    Oil Transfer 
•    Natural Gas
•    Drilling Mud
•    Liquefied Petroleum Gas
•    Chemical Transfer
•    Bulk Material Handling Hoses

•    Water Injection
•    Abrasive Material
•    Fuel Dispensing
•    Oil & Gas Exploration and Production    
•    Loading and Unloading of Hoses     
•    Firefighting                             


Safety is paramount in the oil and gas industry. Our hose assemblies meet stringent safety standards. For example API Spec Q1 Registered.  


Oil and gas hose assemblies must be durable to withstand the harsh operating conditions, including exposure to abrasion chemicals, extreme temperatures, and high pressure environments.  


Flexibility is crucial for ease of installation and maneuverability, particularly in tight and complex industrial settings. Hoses need to be flexible while maintaining their structural integrity.



Hoses should be designed to handle a wide range of chemicals and fluids commonly found in the oil and gas industry. Compatibility with specific substances is a critical feature 


Our range of hoses specifically for the oil and gas industry

Black Eagle

Black Eagle Oilfield service hose is up to 30% lighter than R13 rubber hose and 70% lighter than iron pipe.

BOP & Hot Line

All Fire Armor BOP hose assemblies are tested and approved by Lloyd's Register, complying with American Petroleum Industry API16D guidelines.

Wire Reinforced

High pressure service for use within different industries. Replaces high pressure rigid tubing where vibration and routing constraints are a concern.

Aramid Braided

Long length hose and hose umbilicals requiring lightweight construction. Weighing up to 20% less than comparable rubber hoses.

Chemical Injection

High pressure, high temperature, low volumetric expansion hose. Long length subsea umbilical hose. For use with aggressive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid.


Our scope of specialised drilling and industrial hoses include certified API 7K and 16D hose assemblies, cater for all sectors of the drilling industry.

Umbilicals & Jumper Hose Assemblies

Abdex umbilicals are designed for use in the offshore industry to offer a combination of long service life, chemical resistance, flexibility, and lightweight construction. As Abdex is an independent supplier we can use products to suit specific customer requirements.


Accessories specifically designed for the oil and gas industry
  • Ranging from “2, 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8” FIG100/200/206 Threaded and Buttweld
  • To the most common 2″ FIG 1502 in BW XXS / Sch160 and NPT Threaded
  • Varying sizes and FIG’s available to cover all applications from 1″-10″. 
View our hammer unions catalogue for our full range and information: Hammer Union Catalogue
  • Red Iron Slings are an engineered temporary pipe restraint system, designed to minimize the risk of injury due to a pipe failure. Intended for use on well heads, flow lines, pipelines and other high pressure well control equipment.
  • More information: Here


Woodside Greater Development 2019, Western Australia

The development of six subsea production wells and six water injection wells integrating subsea multi-phase booster pumps. The Abdex Hose Bundle as part of the SID (Subsea Intervention Device) was used as a light weight intervention package for an inspection and repair of a subsea gas well. The Hose bundle completed hydraulic communication between subsea components of the SID. This exposed hoses to one of three fluids, glycol control fluid, bio-grease or hydrocarbon / seawater mix.

The 20 core umbilical consisted of various bore sizes and pressures, specifically: 1/4” and 3/8” in 5000 and 10,000 psi, as well as 10K in 1/2” and 1”.
Hoses were compliant to ISO13628-5 and for ease of handling a high tensile wire was installed. Flushing was performed to NAS6 with HW443.

Woodside Enfield 2022, Exmouth Western Australia

Abdex supplied a continuous length of 800 metres of 5,000 PSI, two-inch Black Eagle Hose. The hose weighed over 10 tons and was delivered in a fully assembled state, having undergone rigorous testing and certification procedures at our facility in Western Australia.

The hose was used for the plugging and abandonment of a subsea well in deep water, where hose collapse resistance was a critical requirement due to the well’s depth of 750 metres. The completed hose assembly underwent a witness test, conducted by DNV, at our NATA-certified laboratory in Western Australia.

Monash University, Control Panel 2018, Victoria

Abdex successfully executed the design and implementation of a Control System for the Civil Engineering Department at Monash University, which was installed on site at the university’s state-of-the-art engineering facilities. The system is composed of control panels that facilitate isolation, flow regulation, and status monitoring. It was utilized to conduct tests on rock samples, replicating conditions at depths of 2,000 metres below the Earth’s surface.

The Control System oversees the processes involved in high-pressure testing within a test chamber, specifically in the Tri-axial Reactor Unit. The system was capable of managing maximum pressures of up to 4,000 bar and temperatures up to 800°F. 

Barry Beach Bass Project 2022, Victoria Australia

Abdex supplied 2x continuous 400-metre, 2-inch, 5,000 PSI Black Eagle Hose Assemblies to SO for the purpose of decommissioning a subsea well located in Bass Strait, Victoria, Australia. 

The presence of sour gas (H2S) in the well necessitated the use of hoses that were chemically compatible for the application. The core tube of the Black Eagle Hoses was ideal for this purpose, as it was suitable for use with sour gas and featured long continuous lengths for deep-sea applications, as well as high collapse resistance. These attributes made the Black Eagle Hoses the perfect product for the application.


Woodside Enfield 2022, Exmouth Western Australia

2x 250 metre hose umbilical bundles consiting of 1 inch grit hose with 1/2 inch control line hoses supplied around the core hose in a S lay configuration. The working pressures of the core 1 inch hose was 1,200 bar and the 6 control line hoses were 350 bar working pressure.

The grit line was used for subsea cutting of pipe lines, and the control lines were used for hydraulic systems.

Chevron Prototype Application 2012, Well Stimulation, Western Australia

2x 120-metre, 3-inch, 10,000 PSI Black Eagle Hose Assemblies were supplied to Chevron for the purpose of conducting a prototype test aimed at simulating a subsea well under very high pressure conditions. The test involved utilising gravel packing as a well stimulation technique.


Santos Bayu Undan Infill Well Phase 3C 2021, Northern Territory

Abdex provided a HFL bundle with a strengthening core, measuring 53 meters in length, and equipped with a 12 core configuration capable of operating at 5Kpsi & 10Kpsi. 

The end fittings were appropriately prepared for wire locking, and a PVC sheath was installed over a 50-meter section. The bundle was accurately measured and securely fastened to a bend restrictor and a Cobra Head hot stab, as specified by the client.