Breakaway Marine Couplings

Breakaway Marine Couplings

Marine Break-Away Couplings

Marine versions of Safety Break-Away Couplings are designed to be installed within lengths of hoses. The coupling is assembled with a length of hose attached to each side.

This coupling incorporates the same internal mechanism as our Industrial Coupling, with additional features that provide increased resistance to torsional and bending forces, particularly important when used in the unpredictable marine environment. Marine Safety Break-Away Couplings are designed to release by inline pulling.

Typical applications include ship to offshore platform, ship to ship product transfer and bunkering operations.


Technical data

1″ (DN25) to 12″ (DN300)
Other sizes on request.

Working Pressure
10 / 16 / 25 bar or 150 / 300 psi

Test Pressure
15 / 24 / 38 bar or 225 / 450 psi

Coupling Materials
Aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium.
Other material on request.

Female and Male BSP/NPT, flanged DIN and ANSI.
Other connections on request.

Mann-Tek Break-Away Couplings interchange with other brands such as Klaw, Todo and RS Seliger.

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