Parker Black Eagle Hose Features

Parker Black Eagle Hose Features

Black Eagle

Polyflex Black Eagle hoses are designed for oilfield applications. For each application different demands need to be considered:
• Composition of fluids
• Temperatures and pressures
• Short term pressure fluctuations
• Static and dynamic loads
• Safety requirements and standards


Thermoplastic core tube

The essential requirement for a hose is to contain and transmit a fluid or gas. The core tube of a thermoplastic hose is therefore in direct contact with that medium. The selection of the core tube material depends on fluid compatibility, service temperature, and diffusion rate under operating conditions.
The available materials are:
• Polyamide (PA11): It is used in high-performance applications for oil and gas, flexible pipes and control fluid umbilicals. It can operate within a wide range of working temperatures (-40 ̊C up to +70 ̊C), has a high dimensional stability and is low in density.
• Fluoropolymer: It is designed for use in chemical injection systems at high temperature levels. The tubing has low permeation rates and excellent chemical resistance. Proven to handle methanol at 100 ̊C and up to 15,000 psi working pressure.

Thermoplastic core tubes are manufactured with an extremly smooth and clean inner surface. This provides minimum flow resistance and minimum pressure drop in service.

Spiralised wire reinforcement

Our reinforcement allows flexibility in service without compromising fluid transfer. Various layers of hightensile strength steel wires are used to achieve the best combination of pressure resistance, flexibility,and volumetric expansion. The basic function of the cover is to protect the wire reinforcement from theexternal environment.

ColorGard cover

ColorGard is an extra thick dual layer Polyurethane sheath: a red inner layer and a black or golden outer layer. it offers both an abration resistant extra thick cover for long service life and acts as an additional safety feature. This concept is a visual early warning system for detection of excessive abrasion. This feature avoids possible injuries and reduction of downtime by anticipating failure.

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Black Eagle Features