Red Iron Pipe Slings

Red Iron Pipe Slings

Red Iron Pipe Slings


Red Iron Slings are an engineered temporary pipe restraint system, designed to minimize the risk of injury due to a pipe failure. Intended for use on well heads, flow lines, pipelines and other high pressure well control equipment.


Red Iron Pipe Slings – Applications
DutyCode ColourPipe size / psi rating
Light DutyRed2” Max Pressure 15K psi
Light DutyRed3” Max Pressure 8K psi
Light DutyRed4” Max Pressure 5K psi
Medium DutyBlue2” Max Pressure 20K psi
Medium DutyBlue3” Max Pressure 15K psi
Medium DutyBlue4” Max Pressure 10K psi
Heavy DutyOrange2” Max Pressure 20K psi
Heavy DutyOrange3” Max Pressure 20K psi
Heavy DutyOrange4” Max Pressure 15K psi

• The Red Iron Sling is designed to restrain and limit movement of high pressure piping during failures.
• Red Iron Slings are manufactured to ASME B30.9 standards and have been certified to be in compliance with all global temporary piping standards along with Shell Standards.
• Abdex will provide training and certification on proper installation of Red Iron Slings.
• Each sling comes in 3 lengths – 4ft, 10ft and 20ft.
• The slings are half hitched to the flowline at strategic points and secured together with a shackle. Securing it with a shackle makes it easy to break connection and replace seals and refasten in a timely manner should you have to.
• Each sling is tagged with Pipe Size and psi Rating.

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